Little Lanterns Dwarf Columbine

# 1 PERMORMING NATIVE PERENNIALS Aquilegia canadensis 'Little Lanterns' Size: 8-10"T x 8-12"W Hardiness zone: 3-8 Exposure: Partial sun Deep red and yellow nodding flowers top blue-green foliage for many weeks in spring. This is a good choice for shade gardens, woodland gardens, rock gardens and naturalized areas. Attracts butterflies, bumblebees, and hummingbirds Early wildflower with 8 + weeks of bloom! Thrives in sun or shade; self sows and naturalizes Deer resistant Resists leaf miners

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Swamp Milkweed
#2 IN TOP PERMORING NATIVE PERENNIALS Asclepias incarnata Size: 4-5'T x 2-3'W Hardiness zone: 3-8 Exposure: Full sun Upturned pink flowers bloom on 4-5’ stems in June and July. The leaves of the swamp milkweed are a preferred food source of Monarch caterpillars. Preferring moist soils, this is a great plant for naturalizing and for use in rain gardens. No butterfly garden is complete without milkweed! Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds Host and nectar plant for monarch butterflies Lovely vanilla fragrance Thrives in sun in average or moist soil Deer resistant
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Common Milkweed
#3 TOP PERMORMING NATIVE PERENNIAL Asclepias syriaca Size: 3-4'T x 10-12"W Hardiness zone: 3-8 Exposure: Sun With fragrant pink blooms arranged atop sturdy stems in July, this Milkweed is a native garden must! It is essential to the life cycle of the Monarch as larvae feed on its leaves exclusively. Mass this easy to grow plant in a sunny area and attract zillions of other butterflies besides Monarchs! Huge nectar source for all butterflies An absolute must for the Monarch lifecycle Perfect for massing and naturalizing in the garden Easy to grow, drought and moisture tolerant Deer and rabbit resistant
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Butterfly Weed
#4 TOP PERMORMING NATIVE PERENNIALS Asclepias tuberosa Size: 18-30"T x 12-24"W Hardiness zone: 3-8 Exposure: Full sun Butterfly weed produces bright orange, flat-topped flower clusters in early June. Flowering goes on for many weeks. Green pods full of seeds with silky white hairs follow the flowers. This is an essential plant if you want to attract a variety of butterflies to your property, especially Monarchs. Host and nectar plant for Monarch butterflies Great nectar source for many other butterflies Seedpods are often used in dried flower arrangements Thrives in sun in average or dry soil Prefers moist, rocky soils, but will grow in dry situations too Deer resistant
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Wild Indigo
#5 TOP PERFORMING NATIVE PERENNIAL Baptisia australis Size: 3-4'T x 3-4'W Hardiness zone: 4-8 Exposure: Full sun Tall blue spikes of flowers bloom in May and early June. Charcoal black seedpods follow and are valued in dried flower arrangements. Plant them in cottage gardens, prairie gardens and meadows. Blue Indigo is a native host plant for many butterflies. Show-stopping flower display in early summer Easy to grow in just about any sunny site Drought tolerant once established Host plant for many varieties of butterflies
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