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Price: $29.99
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Price: $49.95
Scott's Patchmaster (4.75lb)
One package contains the sseed, fertilizer and mulch. Just water and it turns a different color. Tells you when it need water. Covers 100sf. Good for sun or shade.
Grass Seed Starter Fertilizer/Organic7.25 lb.
All Natural Lawn Starter promotes thick new grass
  • First & Only Organic Lawn Starter!
  • Safe for kids, pets and the environment
  • High Phosphate Formula (3-6-3)
  • Granulated for Easy Spreading
  • Enhanced with Bio-tone® Microbes


Price: $11.99
Greenview's Starter Fertilizer/5,000sq.ft.
Greenview's new Starter Fertilizer. Good for new lawns and installing sod or re-seeding. Promotes rapid and strong root growth. Feeds lawn for up to 8 weeks. Formulated with 10-18-10 with Nutri-Life for Spring, Fall or Winter applications. 5,000sq.ft. THIS ITEM HAS FREE SHIPPING AS LONG AS YOU SPEND $50.00 OR MORE. (SOME ITEMS ARE EXCLUDED.PLEASE CONSULT LABEL BEFORE USING.
Seed Starter with Crabgrass/Weed Control
  • Crabgrass control for newly seeded lawns without harming the germination of grass seed
  • Excellent when used while overseeding established turf
  • Prevents crabgrass approximately 4 to 6 weeks as it fertilizes


Price: $69.99
Grass Seed/Quick Gro Sun/Shade 3 lb.

For quick germination. Fast growing for temporary repairs or erosion control. Endophyte enhanced.


Grass Seed/Triple Rye sun/shade 3 lb.

Specially formulated improved turf grass varieties of Rye grass. Extremely durable and establishes quickly for erosion control. Endophyte enhanced.



Grass seed/Sun and shade .75 lb.

Specially formulated improved turf grass varieties for full sun or shade. Spreads quickly to repair thin and bare spots. Our most versatile mix. Endophyte enhanced

Grass seed Dense Shade .75 lb.

Specially formulated improved turf grass varieties for dense shade. Spreads quickly to repair thin and bare spots. Ideal for seeding under tree cover. Endophyte enhanced.


Grass Seed/Full Sun .75lb

Specially formulated improved turf grass varieties for full sun. Combines fine textured blades with durable heat resistance and spreads quickly to repair thin and bare spots. Endophyte enhanced.


Grass Seed Heat & Drought sun/shade 3 lb.

Specially formulated improved turf grass varieties for heat and drought. Thrives and aggressively spreads to repair thin and bare spots. Improved drought & heat resistance with water saving varieties. Endophyte enhanced.


Grass Seed/High Traffic sun/shade .75 lb.

Specially formulated improved turf grass for high traffic areas. Spreads quickly to repair thin and bare spots caused by excess wear and tear. Improved drought & heat resistance with water saving varieties. Endophyte enhanced.


Grass Seed/Pasture Mix 25 lb
Price: $99.99
Hay/Large Bale of Mulch Hay

Large, regular size of mulch hay for use on crops and for erosion control. It is not weed free.


Price: $12.99
Grass Seed Accelerator/Greenview/600 sq. feet coverage
Formulated for fast germination of all seed. Fertilizes with a starter fertilizer and protects seed growth. Retains moisture and regulates soil conditions. Easy to apply-just sprinkle on. Weed free and biodegradable. PLEASE CONSULT LABEL BEFORE USING.
Price: $27.99
Stra (seeding) 2.2-2.5 cubic compressed bale

2.2cubic foot bale of straw that is shredded for easy application over grass seed. Contains no weed seeds.

Contractors Mix/John.Green Sun/shade 25 lb

Jonathan Green Contractors Mix provides quick seed germination and ground cover. It germinates in 7 to 14 days, and is ideal for stabilization or temporary seeding. Visit our Seeding Guide for complete directions.  Contains a large amount of annual seed.


Black Beauty John.Green Sun/shade 3 lb.

Black Beauty® produces a naturally darker-green turf.  With improved disease resistance and drought tolerance, Black Beauty® Grass redefines what a “green-lawn” is supposed to look like!  The grass leaves possess an invisible waxy coating, very similar to what you’d find on an apple, which helps to preserve moisture in the leaf and wards off stress from heat, cold, wind and disease. This blend grows well in clay or sandy soils and in full sun or partial shade.  Black Beauty® will improve any lawn it is over-seeded into.

Key product features:

– Our most drought tolerant blend for sun & shade lawn areas
– Invisible waxy coating on leaves preserves moisture when hot
– Roots up to 4′ deep for superior drought tolerance
– Natural vibrant dark green color
– Grown by sod growers across the USA
– The original grass seed blend that started it all!


Shady Nooks/John.Green Deep Shade 3 lb.

Shady Nooks™ Mixture is especially selected to survive in damp or dry shady areas.  Works well under extremely dense tree shade. Endophyte enhanced for improved insect resistance.  Contains Hard Fescue for dry areas in deep shade. Also contains Black Beauty Tall Fescues.  Visit our Seeding Guide for complete directions.

Key product features:

– Survives in damp or dry shady areas
– Our most shade tolerant seed mixture
– Requires less fertilizer
– Grasses contain endophytes for natural insect resistance
– Germinates in 7-14 days


Fast Grow/Joh.Green Sun/shade 3 lb.

Fast Grow is a mixture that provides a quickly lawn for sun and shade, which germinates in just 7-14 days!  Visit our Seeding Guide for complete directions.

Key product features:

– Stabilizes soils and stops erosion
– Quick turf for problem areas
– Rapidly establishing grass seed mixture
– Germinates in 7 days
– Grows in full sun to medium shaded areas


Contains a large amount of annual grass seed.

EZ Grass Seed/Scotts sun/shade/3.75lbs
This new product form Scott's will grow anywhere! It includes the soil, seed, fertilizer and a mulch. Great new product for Sun or Shade. 3.75lbs.
Classic Sun/Shade Grass Seed/Scotts 3 lb.
  • Great For Repairing Bare Spots
  • Easy to use
  • This product is manufactured in China
  • Classic sun and shade mix grass seed
  • Grows well in sunny and shady areas and is used for repairing bare spots, reseeding or new lawns
  • 99.9 Percent weed-free and uncoated for greater seed coverage
  • Builds a lush, dense durable lawn
  • This 3-pound bag covers approximately 2400 square feet
Seed Roll Jonathan Green
  • Coverage Area: 50 sq-ft
  • For bare spots & slopes
  • Biodegradable mat grows seed in 10 to 15 days
  • Grows well in sunny or shady areas
  • Protects seed from erosion and wildlife
Price: $33.99
Clover White Seed 1lb.

White clover is a short shallow rooted, creeping perennial legume. Adapted to cool moist sites, slightly acidic to mildly alkaline tolerant, easily established and cold hearty. Produces nitrogen in the soil by interaction with bacteria. This weighs 1 pounds.

Price: $18.99
Fescue Greenview Fairway 3 lb.
  • Great for overseeding or establishing any new lawn.
  • Deep rooted to deliver more heat and drought tolerance.
  • Top performing seed varieties to ensure greater brown patch resistance
Price: $29.99
Wildflower EZ Straw 200 sf
ORGANIC - The perfect combination of Premium Wildflower Seeds, Straw and Tackifier. Natural Tackifier helps hold the mixture together and stay in place CUSTOM BLEND - 25 Annual and Perennial varieties for PICTURESQUE blossom color throughout the summer and fall. Seeds range in maturity and plant height. Specifically selected to grow in all geographic zones & types of soil ATTRACT MORE WILDLIFE - Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Honey Bees, Lady Bugs and more CONVENIENTLY BAGGED - For easy use. Spreads EZ, better germination, & moisture retention
Price: $26.99
Wildflower Pollinator 500sf
Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds A premium wildflower mixture with natural soil conditioner Easy to grow
Price: $14.99
Wildflower Sunny Meadow 700sf
Easy-to-use shaker bag for even seeding Bag contains 23 wildflower varieties and covers up to 1,000 square feet Great for adding color to sunny areas of gardens Easy to grow and requires little to no maintenance Made in the usa
Price: $14.99