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715 Boston Post Rd. (Rt.1) Guilford--203-453-1818 (Text only 203-859-1005)

Spring Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm, Sat. 8-5, Sun. 9am-5pm

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Projects to work on: PLANTING 1)Plant mums, asters, montaulk daisies, and perennials now. This gives them time for root development. 2)Plant spring flowering bulbs like tulips and daffodils. LAWNS 3)Fall is the best time for planting new grass seed and working on your lawn. This includes seeding, repair, renovation, and installations. 4)Fall fertilizing of your lawn is critical for a great spring lawn. 5)Lime is often applied now. It takes some time for lime to work and improve your soils ph level. TREES 6)Inspect trees for gypsy moth egg cases and spray with Neem Oil or a Horticultural Oil . IF THIS DROUGHT CONTINUES.....Water all plants deeply at least once a week. This applies to plants that have been in the ground for years. PLANTS GOING INTO WINTER DRY HAVE A MUCH LOWERED SURVIVAL RATE.

Village Greene Gardens in Guilford

Helping the shoreline grow since 2011.  

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