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Stonington Blend Coast Maine 1.5cf
Stonington Blend Coast Maine 1.5cf
Earthworm Castings/
Earthworm Castings/
Coast of Maine Wiscasset Blend Worm Castings is an exceptional soil conditioner. Use to top dress indoor container plants or brew it into a quick compost tea by mixing with water, molasses and aerating overnight. Gardeners have long known that there's magic in worm castings the thousands of species of soil bacteria, amoeba, protozoa, fungi and nematodes that digest organic material and make soil nutrients more readily available to plant roots. Available in 8 quart bags.
Lobster/Kelp/Worm Castings. 4Qt. Coast of Maine
Lobster/Kelp/Worm Castings. 4Qt. Coast of Maine

Granular fertilizer with uniform size for consistent release of nutrients (no dust in the bag), making it ideal for premium indoor plants. Plant food stays in the soil and releases with each watering, unlike liquid nutrients.

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