Here are some of the yard projects we recommend for this area in June.

These are general topics, for specific information stop in and talk to us first.


1) Finish pruning of evergreens by July 4th.

2) prune early spring flowering shrubs after they have bloomed.

3) Lawn Care. 

    a) If using fertilizers the weed and feed step should be applied now.

    b) Set mower to a higher setting now.  3" is best to shade out weeds and develop

        strong plants before summer heat/drought sets in.

4) Annuals.

    Fertilize with slow release organic fertilizer and deadhead/ remove dead flowers regularly through out the summer.  This  will encourage new blooms.


5. Perennial Gardens.

     a) Feed the soil with organic fertilizers.

     b) Cut back Salvia and Nepeta to encourage repeat blooms.

     c) Pick up late summer blooms now to fill in empty holes in garden.

     d) A light layer of mulch prevents weeds and preserves moisture.


6. Some native shrubs for June/Summer blooms:

      a) Mountain Laurel

      b) Hydrangea arb. "Annabelle"

      c) Virginia Sweet Spire

      d) Summersweet Clethra.