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Bamboo:Running vs Clumping Information
Running bamboo can develop a dense natural screen providing privacy in the landscape. Runners spread through rhizomes allowing it to expand rather quickly. They are recommended for large open areas and soil erosion control. However, they can become aggressive, barrier installation is recommended. Installing a thick plastic rhizome barrier about 24-30 inches deep around the perimeter of the area in which the bamboo is to be contained is one of the most effective ways to prevent the bamboo from taking over where it would be undesired. Phyllostachys species are common running bamboos sold at Cavicchio Greenhouses, Inc. Clumping bamboo make excellent specimen plants and will form very dense screens, but more slowly than runners. Because of the short root structure they will not expand more than few inches a year and will generally form discrete clumps. These clumps slowly enlarge as new culms emerge every year. It is not necessary to surround the plant with a barrier, but they may be shaped to prevent them from putting pressure on any surrounding structures. Simply remove new shoots at the soil level when they get undesirably close. Fargesia is a common cold hardy clumping bamboo
Sunset Glow Bamboo Clumping Bamboo
Fargesia dracocephala SUNSET GLOW ‘Rufa’ Vigorous clumping grower featuring purple-red sheaths on new culms with dense slightly weeping habit. Wind tolerant. Height: 6’-10’ Spread: 6’-8’ Growth: Fast Full to part sun (misc.) Soil: Well-drained, moist Zone(s): 5-9 | Fuul to part sun (misc.)
Fountain Bamboo Fargesia nitida
Fargesia nitida FOUNTAIN BAMBOO Slow-growing, clump-forming bamboo, with olive-purple stems, dark green leaves, and an upright habit. Clumping. Height: 10’-15’ Spread: 10’-15’ Growth: Slow Soil: Well-drained, medium Zone(s): 5-9 | Full to part sun (misc.)
Green Panda Bamboo Fargesia dracocephal
Fargesia dracocephal Rufa’ GREEN PANDA Herbaceous evergreen ornamental with a narrowly upright and columnar growth habit featuring fine textured foliage against rusty red sheaths. Does well in containers. Height: 8’-10’ Spread: 6’-8’ (Full to part sun) (misc)
Robusta Bamboo Fargesia robusta
Fargesia robusta More tolerant of full hot sun compared to other Fargesia. Graceful olive-green foliage against white cane sheaths. Clumping. Height: 12’-15’ Spread 15’-17’ Growth: Fast Soil: Well-drained, moist Zone(s): 7-9 Full to part sun (misc.)
Umbrella Bamboo Fargesia munielae
Fargesia murielae UMBRELLA BAMBOO Graceful non-aggressive clumping bamboo with thin stems shooting up quickly in early summer and older canes elegantly arching out forming a broad vase shape. The small thin evergreen leaves are bright green and delicate in appearance. Works well as a screen and in containers. Clumping. Height: 10’-12’ Spread: 10’-12’ Growth: Fast Soil: Well-drained, moist Zone(s): 5-9 Full to part sun (misc.)