By Leigh, Your Village Horticulturist.

It’s April, and the landscape is awakening. Lawns are brightening, and the emerging leaves of trees and shrubs are a special fresh shade of green. Bulbs and perennial plants are sprouting out of their winter dormancy. As exciting as it is to see the daily changes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the thoughts of maintenance. Take a few minutes to walk through your outdoor living spaces. Take some photos and make some notes about what you see, and what you envision. Having a simple plan can help you prioritize tasks, save maintenance and planting time, and allow you more hours to relax and enjoy your yard.

Repairing winter damage should be the first item on your list. Snow plow damage needs to be raked out and levelled. Soil may need to be added to fill ruts, and fresh seed should be planted. The area under your bird feeder should be raked clean of seed hulls and debris. Broken branches on trees and shrubs should be removed, and corrective pruning can be done now. If not already done, the dead stems of perennials should also be cut at this time, allowing space and light for this year’s shoots.

Next comes the fun of planting! April is still early for many of the annual flowers, but perennials, trees, shrubs, pansies and early vegetables can readily be planted. Again, a plan of what you envision will help streamline the time spent selecting and planting.  If you haven’t already started, consider planting some native plants in your landscape. They are adapted to our Connecticut climate, and support pollinators and wildlife.

Don’t forget to include mixed planters as a source of easy all season color for your steps, deck, or patio. Let your imagination run as you consider these. They may be herbs, vegetables, tropical plants, flowers….plant your own in a decorative planter, or find a custom, already beautiful and full design.

To find specific, detailed plant information, fun things to do in the yard, and chores that need to be done at this time, visit  This new resource lists hundreds of plants.

Finally, enjoy your time outside! Time spent to get a good start and strong foundation early in the season will reward you with leisure time in a comfortable outdoor space through the summer and fall.

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